Our Coating Arsenal Just Got a Major Upgrade

We are happy to announce the arrival of cutting-edge equipment at Optonas! We have just welcomed 1 IBS machine and 4 Ion Assisted E-beam machines, bringing our total to 3 IBS, 7 E-beam and 4 Ion-Assisted E-beam coating machines.

What does this mean for you? We're expanding our production capacity, and that's not all:
Larger Substrates: with this new addition, we can now handle substrates up to 600 mm in diameter, offering you more versatility. Enhanced Performance: our upgraded equipment enables us to manufacture optical coatings with higher LIDT, more robust and environmentally resistant.
Greater Material Options: with our advanced machines, we can work with a wider range of materials for coatings, giving you even more customization options.

--> Got questions or want to discuss how these upgrades can benefit your projects? Reach out to us today! CanYouCoat@optonas.com